Department of Mental Health

The Department of Mental Health, as the State Mental Health Authority, assures and provides access to services and supports to meet the mental health needs of individuals of all ages, enabling them to live, work and participate in their communities. The Department establishes standards to ensure effective and culturally competent care to promote recovery. The Department sets policy, promotes self-determination, protects human rights and supports mental health training and research. This critical mission is accomplished by working in partnership with other state agencies, individuals, families, providers and communities. For more information click here.

Clubhouse International

Clubhouse International helps start and grow Clubhouses globally, where people with mental illness can go to get their lives back. Their vision is that there will one day be Clubhouses in the cities and towns of every country in the world. They hope that all people with mental illness will have access to the support of a Clubhouse, which can provide them with the encouragement and assistance they need to lead successful lives, and be fully engaged in society. Click here for the full website.

The Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP) provides its Members with the highest quality behavioral health care as the state's leader in helping people lead healthier lives. MBHP helps Members live to their fullest potential by addressing the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are central to good health. For more information click here.

Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership

NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Massachusetts. Membership is comprised of individuals living with mental illness, family members and other caregivers, friends, mental health professionals and others who care about people with mental illness across the Commonwealth. For more info click here.


Parent/Professional Advocacy League is a statewide, grassroots family organization that advocates for improved access to mental health services for children, youth and their families. PPAL’s goals are to support families, nurture parent leaders and work for systems change. PPAL is the only Massachusetts organization whose work focuses solely on the interests of families whose children have mental health needs. Founded in 1991, PPAL continues to work on behalf of children, youth and families as a critical voice shaping policy and practice. For more information click here.

Parents professional advocacy league

Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association’s mission is to encourage the production and preservation of housing that is affordable to low and moderate income families and individuals and to foster diverse and sustainable communities through planning and community development. For more information click here.

Citizens Housing and Planning Association


Association for behavioral healthcare

For over 30 years, the Association for Behavioral Healthcare (ABH) has been the leading advocacy organization in Massachusetts’ mental health and addiction services arena. Fighting for high-quality, community-based care for families and individuals with mental illness, addiction and substance-use disorders, ABH provides leadership and statewide coordination on important public policy, financing, preferred clinical models and quality assurance issues. Click here for more information.