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Operating as a clearinghouse of information, a provider of technical assistance, and a coordinator of resources, the MCC provides a forum for strategic planning and action. The MCC helps its member Clubhouses expand rehabilitative opportunities in employment, housing, education, health and mental health care while promoting the leadership of individuals who have disabilities. Membership in the MCC is awarded to MA Club-houses (and their members and staff) once the Clubhouse achieves certification from the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD). The MCC also serves as a model for Clubhouse Coalitions internationally and is overseeing the National Employment Expansion Project. The Project is a multifaceted approach to expanding employ-ment opportunities while raising awareness about mental illness

Massachusetts Employers Take Pride in Hiring People with Mental Illness

Thirty-eight companies were recognized at the Statehouse on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 for choosing to diversify their workforce by employing adults and young adults who have mental illness with the support of Clubhouse employment and recovery centers that are funded by the Department of Mental Health. Forty-three Legislators, along with Attorney General Martha Coakley, MA Treasurer Steve Grossman and health care executive Charlie Baker, who are candidates for MA governor in the election to be held this November, presented awards to the companies in recognition of their leadership in choosing to give people who have mental illness an opportunity to re-enter the workforce with support. The awards were presented in front of a crowd that included over 250 people who have mental illness, employers, legislators, family members and allies. ... for full article

U.S. Business Leaders Honored for Paving Way to an Inclusive Workforce

Business Leaders from across the United States were honored in our nation’s Capitol on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 for opening their workplaces to adults and young adults who are recovering from mental illness. With assistance from quality accredited rehabilitation and support centers, known as "ICCD Clubhouses", people who have psychiatric disabilities are re-entering the workforce and relying less on public benefits as they reclaim their lives from often life challenging illnesses. ... for full article

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Thumbs Up for Inclusive Workforce!

Thumbs Up for Inclusive Workforcet

U.S. Employers of Clubhouse Members with Congressman Ed Markey of Massachusetts
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