Types of employment 

Clubhouses are founded on the belief that rehabilitation and recovery from mental illness is greatly facilitated by meaningful work, including paid employment. Clubhouse philosophy includes a belief that relationships develop in the Clubhouse as members and staff work together in the running of the Centers. Bonds formed are then useful in helping “members” as they navigate the world of paid employment.

Transitional Employment

  •  A stepping-stone to long-term employment success

  •  More intensive support

  • Time-limited, part-time, entry-level positions that have consistent job duties and schedules and are managed by the Clubhouse

  • The Clubhouse staff learns the job and trains the member until all parties agree the member is able to work independently

  • Absentee coverage is guaranteed and free of charge to the employer

  •  Generally last for six to nine months at which point the member can work another TE or move onto Supported, Independent Employment or school for career advancement

  • Jobs are Monday – Friday and the hours mirror the hours are generally 8:30am–5:00pm.  

  • Enables members to develop skills and confidence

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Supported Employment

  • A job where the Clubhouse has a relationship with the employer
  • Clubhouse assists the members in training and mastering the job
  • The level of support is defined by the member and tailored to their individual needs
  • SE jobs are not time-limited and absence coverage is not provided by the Clubhouse
  • A Supported Employment job may become an Independent job once less support is needed. Likewise, an Independent job may become a Supported Employment job if the member requests additional assistance from the Clubhouse

Independent employment

  • Not time-limited
  • Supports are provided at the Clubhouse but not on the job site; this includes assistance with developing a resumé, conducting a job search, dressing and interviewing for jobs, addressing and resolving workplace issues that may arise, and assisting with taxes and benefit/healthcare issues
  • Members have obtained these jobs with or without Clubhouse assistance
  • The Clubhouse also helps members in preparing for a career
  • The Clubhouse provides educational supports including applying for school and financial aid and assistance with completing course work.

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